Independent Inspector

Format | Ch 2011 | 24' | Subtitled English

No, INDEPENDENT INSPECTOR is not a detective series but a lifestyle format that has reached China as well: a restaurant tester show. Lively host Li Sizhe and a culinary or cultural expert each week visit several restaurants in Shanghai – from an exclusive three star cookery lounge in an old luxury villa to an insider tip snack bar. This is because practical Li Sizhe isn’t so much interested in the world of the rich and beautiful but also always has a sharp look at the cost/performance ratio – olus there’s always a secret second visit to mercilessly uncover the deficits when the chefs aren’t cooking for the camera… The Cologne Conference presents an episode, where two Spanish Restaurants in Shanghai are scrutinized, starting with the Spanish ham and the cheese plate to the Paella and the Tapas. This show is about more than just customer service or eating tips in the city – it’s also about getting to know foreign cuisine and be inspired by the mouthwateringly exotic ways to eat out.

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He Jian
Executive Producer
Zhu Xiaoqian
Shen Yi
Lu Jun, Shen Jiajun
Shen Yi
Yang Yang
Production Design
Bai Song, Qian Jichao
Production Company
International Channel Shanghai

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International Channel Shanghai
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Shanghai 200041