Shanghai Beauty

Documentary | CH 2012 | Subtitled English

Jin Xing has a fascinating life story indeed: the son of Korean immigrants soon became the best modern dancer in China, won awards in the US and is a jury member at Chinese casting show. But Jin Xing is a woman, has felt like a woman most of her life and, with the very first official Chinese transgender operation has become one in 1995. But while she’s an acclaimed choreographer in the West, she still meets discrimination in China. The amazing documentary film SHANGHAI BEAUTY follows Jin Xing during rehearsals for her dance company’s production of the same title, which deals with the shifting of Chinese beauty ideals and cultural values. The Grande Dame, relentless as a show judge, turns out to be even more blunt during her own rehearsals. The result is a gripping portrait of a proud woman not giving pity and not expecting any, demanding instead the highest commitment from herself and everyone around her for the arts – and despising nothing more than the hypocrisy of the media and the TV business.

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Gan Chao
Guo Jing, Ke Dingding
Ke Dinding, Wang Yaosheng
Guo Jing
Zhao Jingyan
Production Company
Documentary Channel Shanghai Media Group

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