Two Cities One Family

TV-Series | CH 2011 | 24' | Subtitled English

Relationships between men and women in China are under the same stresses as in all the rest of the modern world: two lives and two jobs nowadays often mean two cities. This fate also befalls fun-loving Hao Jingni from Beijing who marries the sensitive and earnest Xu Jiahui from Shanghai. Their marriage is not for long, though, as the distance between the two cities proofs too much of a strain and they separate. But sometimes love can go the distance: The two lovers start again and try to find a new form of couplehood and the beyond traditional family model… Being in a long-distance relationship is a well-known predicament to many young couples, so there’s no surprise that this telenovela in 2011 became a ratings hit and an audience favorite mainly due to young viewers. The series also deftly uses the differing mentalities, traditions and cultures of Shanghai vs. Beijing to great effect, thematically as well as visually.

Best of Drama

Executive Producer
Dong Haoyu
An Jian
Wang Liping
Adaptation from book
Two Cities One Family
Zhu Dingzhong
Cui Liang
Zhou Ye
Production Design
Wang Ligang, Liu Chunmeng, Li Jiandong
Principal Cast
Tu Yansong, Ma Yili
Production Company
SMG Pictures

International Sales

SMG Pictures
3F, 651 Nanjing Xi Road