Wu’s World Cup

Documentary | Ch 2011 | Subtitled English

10.000 kilometers away from the football world cup in South Africa in a village south of Shanghai Mr. Wu, who once invented the vuvuzela as a variation of the metal clarions but didn’t care for the patent, has his workshop. When the Chinese team fails to qualify for the world cup, but Mr. Wu’s vuvuzelas are ubiquitous there, press teams from all over storm into his small and chaotic business. But while the attention goes to Wu’s head, igniting dreams of a return to former glory, back home everything goes south to the desperation of his wife… With exceptional frankness this partly very funny, partly bitter documentary addresses Chinese taboos like patent rights, corruption – and incompetence. The protagonist had his fair share of experiences with the stolen designs, dubious business partners and defective infrastructure, that make parts of China still an absurd place to do business – but he himself also screws up time and again by being sloppy or going off on his own against agreed practices.

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Xiaolong Wang
Executive Producer
Ruidong Zhang
Ruidong Zhang
Ruidong Zhang
Ruidong Zhang
Cao Yi
Ruidong Zhang
Production Company
Shanghai Media Group/Arts and Humanity Channel of Shanghai Media Group

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