Yuguo and his Mother

Documentary | CH 2011 | 48' | Subtitled English

1 year old Yuguo pays his first visit in three years to his alcoholic mother Liuxia in the snowy mountain village of Ewenke, deep in the Aoluguya Forest in northeastern Inner Mongolia. After the loss of her husband she was unable to raise her child and had to give him up to a boarding school some 3,000 kilometers away. But the sudden closeness in the tent with his helpless mother overbearing with love, who gets by on breeding reindeer and heavy drinking, seems to be too much for the city-dwelling Yuguo. This wise and thoughtful short documentary paints an ambivalent, complex picture of the modern social system in China. It seems set to become a generational conflict between the mobile-phone-handling son and his mother’s almost pre-modern lifestyle, but develops in surprising directions, with lots of sympathy for both sides and a bittersweet loving touch at the end, which feels just as helpless as is it cautiously optimistic.

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Han Lei
Gu Tao
Gu Tao
Zhou Yu, Zhang Weijie
Production Company
Documentary Channel Shanghai Media Group

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Documentary Channel Shanghai Media Group
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Shanghai 200041