Still Life

Feature Film | AUT 2012 | 77' | OV

  • Tuesday, 02. October 2012 22:00 hrs Odonien

Where does guilt begin? The grown son of an Austrian craftsman finds out that his father is seeing a prostitute (Anja Plaschg, aka musician Soap&Skin) to indulge himself in his fantasies of sleeping with his own daughter. Fantasies, mind you – he never actually harmed his daughter. Knowledge of his desire, however, is the undoing of the family. Thoughts are free within the confines of the mind, but carry consequences once they are revealed. Pedophiles are the media’s favorite monsters, but what if they never become actual sex offenders? Forgoing scandalization, STILLLEBEN makes the utter tragedy of a life of self-denial and self-hate felt for the audience. The screenplay was inspired by a project at Berlin’s Charité hospital that offers pedophiles treatment before they commit an offense. The feature’s companion film is OUTING, a documentary based on interviews with a pedophile who does not want to act on his inclinations.

Oliver Neumann, Erich Lackner, Thomas Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn
Sebastian Meise
Thomas Reider, Sebastian Meise
Based on the original story by
Thomas Reider
Gerald Kerkletz
Julia Drack
Klaus Kellermann, Stefan Rosensprung
Production Design
Katharina Woppermann, Anja Ronacher Casting: Eva Roth
Principal Cast
Fritz Hörtenhuber, Christoph Luser, Daniela Golpashin, Roswitha Soukup, Anja Plaschg
Production Companies

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