Medienland China

  • Thursday, 04. October 2012 14:00 hrs

In co-operation with State Chancellery of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia,  the City of Cologne, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Cologne and NRW.International

As part of this year’s Cologne Conference representatives of the most relevant Chinese media businesses and broadcasters present themselves and the Chinese media market. Additionally, the leading program and broadcasting executives will gather to discuss the potentials and possibilities for mutual projects and co-operations. Additionally, as part of our focus on China, the Cologne Conference will present the most interesting Chinese fictional and non-fictional productions in a »Best of China«- Showcase – the best program will be awarded at the awards ceremony following the workshop seminar. Also, the Chinese media delegation will visit relevant media companies in North Rhine-Westphalia and Cologne.

Host: Marco Schröder, Managing Director, meKon Medien-Konzepte, Lippstadt

14.00–14.30 hrs, Welcome

14.30–15.00 hrs, Keynote
The Chinese Media Market – An Overview
Sahar Baghery, Research Manager, Eurodata TV Worldwide, Médiamétrie, Paris

15.00–15.30 hrs, Keynote
Shanghai Media Group – China’s Second Largest Broadcaster
Liang Chen, Vice President, Executive Director, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai

15.30–16.00 hrs, Keynote
Sichuan Television Festival – The Gateway to the Chinese Media Market
Bo Tian, CCO, Sichuan Television Festival, Chengdu

16.00–16.30 hrs, Coffee Break

16.30–17.00 hrs, Keynote
Business as Usual? Business Relations with the Media Industry China
Philip Lazare, Partner / Co-Location Head , Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft , Shanghai

17.00–18.00 hrs, Panel Discussion
Sino-European Relations. Potentials and Possibilities for International Co-operations
Friedhelm Bixschlag, Sales Director/Head of Production, MMC Magic Media Company, Cologne
Liang Chen, Vice President, Executive Director, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai
Wei Guo, President, International Eco-Film Promotion Association, Beijing
Philip Lazare, Partner / Co-Location Head, Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft , Shanghai
Wolfgang Wilke, Head of Co-Production, action concept Film- und Stuntproduktion, Hürth

18.00–19.00 hrs, Awards Ceremony
Follwed by Reception