Wem gehört das geistige Eigentum, und gibt es das überhaupt?

  • Tuesday, 02. October 2012 15:00 hrs

In Cooperation with WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationspolitik and the Produzentenallianz

With the successful foray of »Pirates« into official politics, everyone is »off their rightsholder’s rockers,« as blogger/host Johnny Haeusler has roughly phrased it recently, referring to the controversy over the value of intellectual property that has been building for months now. While the issue first became a subject of popular discussion when the cinema industry launched campaigns against content piracy, reform ideas for copyright legislation now range from its total elimination, to establishing a »cultural flat rate,« to strengthening the legal status of »actual content creators.« Then again, publishers and producers have stressed their roles as creative facilitators, too. On a technical level, the debate clearly revolves around the new means of communication brought on by electronic networks. However, it warrants sociological considerations as well, as this is an issue also fueled by competing generations struggling with the old order of the media world and new avenues of participation. The situation calls for a reexamination of the value of »intellectual property« in contemporary society and of feasible ways to »protect« it.