Ein Tag Leben in NRW – Radio Recall – Audio Play

Audio Play | DE 2012 | 55' | OV

Back in spring, broadcaster WDR put out an open call via television, radio, and the Internet to people living in North Rhine-Westphalia, encouraging them to use their mobile phones or video cameras to capture »their« 30 April, 2012, on film. This input went into the 90-minute documentary film, ONE DAY OF LIFE IN NRW. Some 3,500 people have submitted material, and audio play writer Ulrich Biermann has paid a number of them a visit to find out what’s behind the edited images and self-portrayals. Directly following the screening of ONE DAY OF LIFE IN NRW – THE FILM, the audio play presentation will give the audience an opportunity to trace the experiences, thoughts, and secrets beyond the video clip contributions. In the audio play, the protagonists of the current film not only encounter themselves, but also an audience from the year 1947: exactly 65 years ago, NWDR radio first called upon the station’s listeners to describe their everyday lives. 35,000 people mailed in brief sketches of their own personal 29 January, 1947, and the broadcaster created a program based on them.

In cooperation with WDR

Thomas Leutzbach
Martina Müller-Wallraf
Pricipal Cast
Die Menschen in NRW und Ulrich Biermann (Autor)
Production Company
WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk