This is Jinsy

TV-Series | GB 2012 | 25' | OV

On the small British island of Jinsy madness is an everyday affair: Electric owls attack nightly wanderers, photocopying their faces; the seagulls have conversations about golf; and on TV, there‘s a transvestite administering electric shocks to unwitting viewers. In charge of this madhouse are the appropriately nutty Maven, his melancholy underling Sporall and the technician Soosan, who constantly mistakes groceries for her tools. No matter if the islanders‘ marriages are being re-mixed with a wedding lottery, if a bridge in the shape of maven‘s nose is abut to be built and if a cupboard salesman is worshiped as God – this is the place where bizarre things happen. The BBC reminds us again of their Monty Python heritage. Authors and stars Chris Bran and Justin Chubb provide an abundance of ideas in both style and content, making THIS IS JINSY an absurdist manifesto: Without any hint of realism or subtlety they let their famous guest stars like David Tennant and Jane Horrocks run through their wonderful world of nonsense, pulling no punches on their way against politics, society or TV culture. If this be madness, there is method in it.

Chris Carey, James Dean
Matt Lipsey
Chris Bran, Justin Chubb
Ole Bratt Birkeland
Charlie Phillips, Joe Randall-Cutler
Dan Johnston, Nigel Edwards
Tim Bran
Production Design
Nic Pallace
Catherine Willis
Principal Cast
Chris Bran, Justin Chubb, Geoffrey McGivern, David Hatton, Dave Mounfield
Production Companies
Welded Tandem Picture Company/Sky Atlantic

International Sales

BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Media Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TQ
Great Britain

Domestic Sales

BBC Worldwide Germany
BBC Worldwide Germany GmbH
Im Mediapark 5b
50670 Köln

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