Swimming Pool

Feature Film | FR, GB 2003 | 102' | Subtitled English

Shy British crime novelist Sarah Morton is stuck creatively and personally. A quiet vacation in the French country house of her editor and lover is supposed to give her some rest, instead it awakens her inspiration – especially after the unheralded arrival of Julie, her editor’s daughter. The luscious young woman is not only disrupting Sarahs strict daily routine, she also brings some murderous secrets into the idyllic countryside. And all of a sudden Sarah’s own live feels like a crime novel – with a surprise ending. In SWIMMING POOL, Ozon unites his two longtime muses Charlotte Rampling (UNDER THE SAND, ANGEL) and Ludivine Sagnier (8 WOMEN, WATER DROPS ON BURNING ROCKS) for a stylish mystery crime drama. Patiently and with fine nuances he once again doesn’t care about the superficial thrill but for the finer psychological points and the deeper levels of meaning: SWIMMING POOL is just as much a film about the creation of a crime thriller as it is a crime thriller itself.

Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonier
François Ozon
François Ozon, Emmanuèle Bernheim
Yorick le Saux
Monica Coleman, Benoit Hillebrant
Lucien Balibar
Philippe Rombi
Production Design
Wouter Zoon
Sarah Bird
Principal Cast
Charlotte Rampling, Ludivine Sagnier, Charles Dance
Production Companies
Fidélité/Headforce Limited/France 2 Cinéma/Gimages Films/Canal +

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