Identification Marks: None (Rysopis)

Feature Film | PL 1964 | 73' | Subtitled English

Skolimowski’s debut already reflects his subversive spirit in various ways. This film came together in his time at the renowned film school in Łódź. He made clever use of the snippets of film material he was given each year for short film exercises – at the end of his course of studies, he was able to edit these into a feature film. IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE revolves around Andrzej Leszczyc, played by Skolimowski himself, a bored fish studies dropout who sponges off his wife. At the beginning of the film, he volunteers for military service, though he had previously dodged the draft for several years (»What kind of trick is this again,« a skeptic draft officer says with a sigh). It’s clear that patriotism is not what drives him to do it, but rather his personal boredom and lack of perspective. In a series of oftentimes absurd scenes of everyday life, Andrzej’s final hours before he must report for duty pass in masterfully composed shots, most of them long takes with complex camera movements.

Production Manager
Zbigniew Brejtkopf
Jerzy Skolimowski
Jerzy Skolimowski
Witold Mickiewicz
Halina Gronek
Jan Czerwiński
Krzysztof Sadowski
Production Design
Jerzy Skolimowski
Principal Cast
Elżbieta Czyżewska, Jerzy Skolimowski, Tadeusz Minc, Jacek Szczęk, Andrzej Żarnecki, Juliusz Lubicz-Lisowski, Marek Piwowski
Production Companies
National Film and Theatre School (PWSFTviT) in Łódź/Film Polski Film Agency/Szkola Filmowa

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