Walkover (Walkower)

Feature Film | PL 1965 | 77' | Subtitled English

As in his debut film, Skolimowski once again plays misfit Andrzej Leszczyc. Now discharged from the army, he barely makes do as a prize fighter. With his 30th birthday fast approaching, he still shows no particular urge to settle into a regular occupation or bourgeois way of life. A Hero of Socialist Labor is something else. In the same way as in IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE, the camera follows its jaded antihero for a period of one and a half days in long tracking shots, some of which are amazingly complex. Skolimowski’s interest lies more in poetic associations than in telling a straight story. Both IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE and WALKOVER amount to a flat rejection of heroism as well as of the fixation on historical themes, and the Second World War in particular, which informed the films of the slightly older »Polish School« around Andrzej Wajda. Instead, Skolimowski’s early works expressed the spirit and the way of life of a younger generation, whose experience of war was limited to a very early age, and who stood up in post-heroic times against the narrow confines of real-socialist life.

Production Manager
Jerzy Nitecki
Jerzy Skolimowski
Jerzy Skolimowski
Andrzej Nurzyński
Jerzy Skolimowski, Alina Faflik
Mikolaj Kompan-Altman, Lech Kowalewski
Andrzej Trzaskowski
Production Design
Zdzislaw Kielanowski
Principal Cast
Jerzy Skolimowski, Aleksandra Zawieruszanka
Production Companies
Zespol Filmowy Syrena/Film Polski

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