Dein Wille Geschehe (Ainsi Soient-Ils)

TV-Series | FR 2012 | 49' | German Version

The idealistic Yann, a veteran of parish work; depressive Emmanuel, who has left the hospital against his doctor’s consent; pragmatic Guillaume, living with his chaotic and dependent family; rich Raphaël, who is used to living in a country manor; and the convicted murderer José, who is released from prison after eight years – these are the future priests in the seminary of charismatic Father Etienne Fromenger, who tries to keep them on the right path and protect them from dirty church politics and other grave sins. This already award-winning ARTE France series take on one tricky topic after the other in its eight episodes of 50 min. each. With a delicate psychological sensibility, without any unwarranted sensationalism and, most important of all, without pulling any punches against the church, this series broaches issues like celibacy and homosexuality, the internal power struggles of the Catholic church – and shows five young men trying, in the face of adversarial forces, to lead a virtuous life.

In cooperation with ARTE G.E.I.E.

Bruno Nahon
Rodolphe Tissot
Vincent Poymiro, David Elkaïm
Pénélope Pourriat
Tina Baz
Jean-Pierre Taïeb
Principal Cast
Jean-Luc Bideau, Thierry Gimenez, David Baïot, Julien Bouanich, Samuel Jouy, Clément Manuel, Clément Roussier, Xavier Gallais
Production Companies
Zadig Productions/Avro/TV5 Monde/Back Up Films/ARTE France

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