Feature Film | DE 2011 | 92' | OV

  • Tuesday, 02. October 2012 18:00 hrs

It’s a symbolic image: A tourist beach in Spain is all of a sudden overrun by half-dead African fugitives. The stranded girl Djamile, a fugitive from Syria and now from the Spanish police, encounters the German teenager Thomas, who spends a rather horrible holiday with his divorced father. Thomas hides the young woman in his hotel room. But as the formerly unpolitical boy starts to get involved in the plight of the fugitives, he learns that Djamile has still a price to pay for her escape. The often overlooked dilemma of white Westerners facing a systemic poverty they don’t even grasp is sensitively illuminated by believable characters in this German-Spanish co-production directed by Sören Voigt. A contemplative film, too smart to divide the world into black and white, pleasantly short on premature conclusions and willing to let the audience decide for themselves how to evaluate the conflict.

In cooperation with ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel and the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Kai Künnemann, Hans Eddy Schreiber, Jordi Rediu, Norbert Llarás
Sören Voigt
Comissioning Editor (ZDF)
Lucas Schmidt
Sören Voigt
Olaf Hirschberg
Gergana Voigt
Sound Mixer
Michael Bartylak, Constantin Bömers
Jakob Ilya, Oskar Kaiser
Production Design
Mani Martinez
Mercè Espelleta
Principal Cast
Sven Gielnik, Eye Haidara, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Eric Ebouaney, Carolina Clemente
Production Companies
Karibufilm, Köln/Zip Films Barcelona/Living Films/ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

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Selected filmography Sören Voigt

TOLLE LAGE (1999), CALLS (2002), IDENTITY KILLS (2003)