switch reloaded – Das Große “Wetten, Dass…?”-Spezial

TV Special | DE 2012 | 45' | OV

Glorious oddball humor with a relentless bite: one week ahead of Markus Lanz’s actual first stint as WETTEN, DASS..? host, the whole SWITCH RELOADED gang already breaks it down. Reporting from the idyllic WETTEN DASS..? beach on the Isle of Usedom, ZDF’s pundits-in-chief Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Oliver Kahn show no mercy as they take aim at the first show with Lanz at the helm. Which highlights stood out this evening? Can those bets get any crazier? Will candidate Frank win his bet to correctly name the auto brand, taking his cue from being slapped in the face with the corresponding floor mat? Plus, even more exciting: with »Supertalent« Thomas Gottschalk and Markus Lanz, taking charge of Gottschalk’s old job, now squaring off for the first time, how explosive are things going to get? As celebrities convene to witness it, what’s their take on the new WETTEN, DASS..? Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Oliver Kahn pose hard-hitting questions to Heidi Klum, Günther Jauch, LORD OF THE RINGS director Peter Jackson, queen of crooners Andrea Berg, slumming comedian Atze Schröder, Rooooberrrt and Carmen Geiss, and many others. The SWITCH RELOADED – WETTEN, DASS..? SPECIAL is a night full of surprises – wanna bet?

In cooperation with Eyeworks Germany and ProSieben

Produced by
René Jamm
Markus Kirchner, Eva von Mühlenfels
Creative Producers
Bernd von Fehrn, Max Giermann
Dirk Nabersberg
Martin Brindöpke, Markus Hennig
Commissioning Editor
Dagmar Harms
Frank Paul Husmann
Dominik Linke, Jens Karthaus
Hank Trede
Production Design
Wilhelm W. Rapien
Principal Cast
Max Giermann, Martina Hill, Susanne Pätzold, Bernhard Höecker, Peter Nottmeier, Michael Müller, Michael Kessler, Petra Nadolny, Martin Klempnow

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