TVLab – Deine Meinung macht Programm. ZDFneo lädt ein

For a new batch of formats in its second TVLab, ZDFneo invited viewers to weigh in on programming again. From 25 August, seven pilots were presented – on the air and on the Internet. Users were able to pick their favorite in an online vote. On 1 September, TVLab host Palina Rojinski announced the winner to be the cartoon DEUTSCHES FLEISCH (German Meat). In the forthcoming season, series fans can now look forward to more quirky stories about the Baron and his friends, Kowalsky, Malte, Wibknecht, and Issa, as they spend their days at Gitti’s snack hangout. ZDFneo is hosting an exclusive get-together in Cologne’s kunstbar. In a look back at TVLab, the broadcaster will point out the process of collaboration with ZDFneo for production companies, and will provide an outlook on upcoming productions and opportunities for cooperation. Please note that this is strictly an invitation-only event.