The War of Blind Date

Documentary | CH 2012 | 45' | Subtitled English

This episode of the Shanghai TV documentary format explores the culture of internet dating, massive match-making markets, and even blind date TV shows which eat up the time and money of Shanghai singles. This practice grows rapidly in the age of high-skilled full-time office workers devoid of any social life but still yearning for love and intimacy. This documentary looks at lonely young men of average income who desperately try to make a dent on the dog-eat-dog market for love; on high-end match-making agencies making a profit of parents’ desires to marry off their pretty daughters to rich men; and on internet mechanisms that try to rate applicants in various categories. With open eyes for the hyper-capitalistic weirdness of these paternalistic customs, the documentary makes a point of portraying some innocent love-seekers, who may be naïve to go up against all this competition. Who seem lost in this sea of supply and demand, who have to take a lot of hassle from disgusted parents of possible spouses – but who still never give up hope.

Best of Documentary

Gan Chao
Executive Producer
Ying Qiming
Liu Yue
Liu Yue
Feng Tiebin, Wang Yaosheng
Liu Yue
Zhao Jingyan, Chang Wuji
Dong Lingli
Production Design
Shi Dong
Production Company
DocuChina Co., Ltd

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