Tatort: Duisburg-Ruhrort

TV-Movie | DE 1981 | 97' | OV

Schimanski’s debut case DUISBURG RUHRORT from 1981 leads the gruff policeman to the murder of boatman Petschek and then deep into the working class milieu of his similarly gruff home turf of Duisburg: Besides several amorous motives the odd cop couple Schimanski/Thanner find contacts to the metal industry and Turkish unions. After a Turkish corpse is found with a lead to illegal arms dealing, the solution seems close. Hajo Gies, one of the pre-eminent TATORT directors, gives his main characters the perfect introduction – right from the first scene, in which Schimanski (set to the song »Leader of the Pack« by the Shangri-Las) searches in vain for clean dishes to fry some eggs and in the end just swallows the things down raw. And already in course of his first case, the macho, muscular, erotic Götz George finds plenty opportunities to indulge in his tendencies for swearing, brawling and shooting, which would become his trademark style. Duisburg has never been so sexy-ugly like in this TV crime classic.

In cooperation with WDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln

Bernd Schwamm
Hajo Gies
Horst Vocks, Thomas Wittenburg
Lici Lainer
Karsten Ullrich
Production Design
Dieter Reinecke
Principal Cast
Götz George, Eberhard Feik, Ulrich Matschoss, Michael Rastl, Brigitte Janner, Max Volkert Martens, Barbara Focke
Production Companies
Bavaria Atelier/Bavaria Film/WDR

Selected filmography Ulrich Matschoss