Around the World in one Day – Strategies for the New Media Markets

Wednesday, October 2, 10.00–17.00 hrs, Residenz

By the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Cologne, in co-operation with the City of Cologne and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, organized by HMR International.

In order to generate added value, traditional media companies must develop strategies for working with international partners. Having a look at the international media landscape it appears particularly promising, to develop program co-operations with the big markets from China, Turkey and Brazil. Their enormous viewership and the rapidly growing program needs make these markets especially for German program executives very interesting.

The Lecture AROUND THE WORLD IN ONE DAY presents how the three markets work and, additionally, brings relevant media entrepreneur from there together with German program executives to jointly explore potentials for future collaborations.

Host: Marco Schröder, mekon, Lippstadt

10.00 Uhr, Welcome
Dr. Arnd Klein-Zirbes, Member of the Board, Chamber of Industry & Commerce Cologne
Angela Spizig, Deputy Director, Friend’s Association Town Twinning Rio de Janeiro – Cologne e.V., Cologne

10.30–11.00 hrs, Keynote
The Chinese Media-Market – Potentials for Projects with German Program Partners
David Guo, President, International Eco-Film Promotion Association, Beijing

11.00–11.30 hrs, Keynote
Best Practice China – SMG
Chen Liang, Executive Vice President, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai

11.30–12.00 hrs, Coffee Break

12.00–12.30 hrs, Keynote
The Turkish Media-Market – Potentials for Projects with German Program Partners
Elfi Jäger, Managing Partner, TV Sisters, Cologne

12.30–13.00 hrs, Keynote
Best Practice Turkey – GiFT Medya
Gökhan Mutlay, Managing Partner, GiFT Medya, Istanbul

13.00–14.00 hrs, Lunch Break

14.00–14.30 hrs, Keynote
The Brazilian Media-Market – Potentials for Projects with German Program Partners
Mary Morita, International Coordinator, Brazilian TV Producers, São Paulo

14.30–15.00 hrs, Keynote
Best Practice Brazil – TV Cultura
Marcus Cesar Fernandes, Producer, Irmãos de Criação, Sao Pãulo

15.00–15.30 hrs, Keynote
Best Practice Brazil – RioFilme
Rodrigo Guimarães, Manager Investment Department, RioFilme, Rio de Janeiro

15.30–16.00 hrs, Coffee Break

16.00–17.00 hrs, Panel
Around the World in One Day – Potentials of International Program Cooperation
Laura Fazioli, Director/CEO, Laura Fazioli & Associados, Sao Pãulo
Birgit Schulz, Managing Director, Producer, Director, Author, Bildersturm Filmproduktion, Cologne
Petra Schneider, Director of Distribution, Deutsche Welle, Bonn
Christian Granderath, Head of Department TV-Movie, Feature Film and Theater, NDR, Hamburg
Titus Kreyenberg, Managing Director, unafilm, Cologne
Gökhan Mutlay, Managing Partner, GiFT Medya, Istanbu