In the Flesh

TV-Series | GB 2013 | 60' | OV

The zombie apocalypse has come and gone when Ren Walker returns to his provincial British hometown. But things don’t go well there: Because Ren was a »rotter«, who was healed by government doctors. And apart from the hateful anti-zombie militia, which is being fired up by the church and where his sister is a member, he also struggles with memories of his suicide, his deeds as an undead and the death of his gay lover – who is back from the dead also. The BBC leaves the telling of the zombie apocalypse to others – series creator Dominic Mitchell is much more interested in the aftermath: the government starts a program of reconciliation and reintegration, the undead become nursing and rehab cases, while society has new veterans, new traumas – and a new minority to discriminate against. Like every thoughtful zombie story this series is an allegory on the destructive elements among the living and the undead. The first season of this smart and politically charged horror series contained only three episodes, but luckily a second season is already in the works.

Ann Harrison-Baxter
Executive Producer
Hilary Martin
Jonny Campbell
Dominic Mitchell
Tony Slater-Ling
Jamie Pearson
Sound Recordist
John Hughes
Edmund Butt
Production Design
Sami Khan
David Shaw
Principal Cast
Emily Bevan, Harriet Cains, Steve Cooper, Kenneth Cranham, Marie Critchley, Juliet Ellis, Steve Evets
Production Company
BBC Drama Productions

International Sale

Shine International
Primrose Studios
Regents Park Road

London NW1 8UR

Selected filmography Jonny Campbell

SHAMELESS (2004), ASHES TO ASHES (2008), DOCTOR WHO (2010) ERIC & ERNIE (2011)