Miss Lovely

Feature Film | IN 2012 | 115' | Subtitled English

Bollywood films are usually just as sexy as they are chaste. In the dancing numbers, barely clad female performers lasciviously gyrate their hips, but when it comes to kissing, they turn away at the last moment. Anything more is taboo. MISS LOVELY shows that indeed there is a much more explicit Indian cinema as well. Director Ashim Ahluwalia takes his audience back to Bombay in the late 1980s: two brothers, Vicky and Sonu, produce illegal sex and horror movies in run-down warehouses. While the unscrupulous Vicky tries to bypass the criminal syndicates that make the most money by distributing their films, the romantic Sonu dreams of shooting a »decent« love drama. The director’s short films have already been screened at Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, and the Venice Biennale of Architecture. In his first fictional feature film, Ahluwalia and outstanding cinematographer K. U. Mohanan create exotic, yet authentic images of the underworld of the Indian capital – in the delightfully sensuous color palette of old Kodak film stock.

Jeremy Xido, Joseph Castelo
Jeremy Xido
Jeremy Xido
Johan Legrai, Jeremy Xido
Todd Holmes
Oswald Juliana, Timothy Bright
Christian Frederickson
Principal Cast
Sonia Ferreira, Wilker Flores, Alberto Jongolo, Jayro Cardoso, Queiros Ladino Cumpanhe
Production Companies
Future East Film

International Sales

Wide House
9 Rue Bleue
Paris 75009

Selected filmography Ashim Ahluwalia

THIN AIR (1999), JOHN & JANE (2005)