Feature Film | IR 2012 | 84' | Subtitled English

A science fiction film from Iran that does not feature trips to the stars or laser swords, but nonetheless boasts amazing images. In a windowless room, a man wraps himself in aluminium foil, apparently as protection against some unexplained form of radiation. The nameless man works as an exterminator. The camera comes along to various customers in Tehran and stays with him for some strange activities in his time off: he gets into a roller coaster simulator at an amusement park; in a person of short stature’s house, he becomes a voluntary target for some bizarre form of target practice. In his second feature film, Vahid Vakilifar aptly strikes a balance between East and West, between vintage David Lynch or George Lucas (at the time of »THX 1138«) and the characteristic highly symbolic visual style of his native country. While the atmosphere of anxiety and the fear of (radioactive?) contamination lend some plausibility to a political understanding of TABOOR, Vakilifar’s film is balking at interpretations at face value, and remains fascinatingly ambiguous until the end.

Vahid Vakilifar, Fariba Rostami
Vahid Vakilifar
Vahid Vakilifar
Mohammad-Reza Jahanpanah
Vahid Vakilifar
Hussein Mahdavi
Keyhan Kalhor
Production Design
Saeid Assadi
Principal Cast
Mohammad Rabbanipour
Production Company
Dream Lab Films

International Sales

DreamLab Films
14, Chemin des Chichourliers
06110 Le Cannet

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