Unknown Land

Feature Film | GR, YEM, CYP 2012 | 78' | Subtitled English

It’s monsoon season on the Yemeni island of Socotra, when a small boat under Israeli flag sinks nearby. A young inhabitant of the island finds the lone survivor on a beach, whose live flashes before his eyes – is he destined to die or will he find a way back to life? The young Yemenite meanwhile has other problems: he already dreamt this encounter and tries to distinguish between dream and reality. With a loyal crew and without a real screenplay Greek filmmaker Manuel de Coco has produced a ruminant, hypnotic directorial debut and has landed an international festival darling. During the Arab Spring in 2011 he has found breathtaking images of nature and poetic portraits in the natural heritage site of Socotra and in Israel – and although the plot is rather dreamy, there is enough political controversy for the film to be censored in several Arab states.

Katia Pantazi, Manos Kokoromitis
Executive Producer
Babis Bizas
Manuel de Coco
Manuel de Coco
Jim Roth
Chris Bailar
Sotiris Laskaris
Chris Bailar
Principal Cast
Manos Kokoromitis, Daniel Plackett, Shaiya Salem
Production Companies
Other Side Films/BB World Pictures

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