Spring Breakers

Feature Film | USA 2012 | 94' | OV

As bared breasts and butts wiggle close to the camera to the thumping bass of a Skrillex track, half-naked teenagers are pressure-fueled with booze through a beer bong in the background – welcome to Spring Break, the season of the year, when American students let go of all inhibitions. In its approach to the phenomenon, Harmony Korine’s film does not take the moral high ground, but neither does it leave in doubt that this is »the pursuit of happiness taken to nihilistic extremes,« as New York Times critic Mahnola Dargis put it. SPRING BREAKERS is the story of four girlfriends (two of whom are played by Disney teen stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens) on the trip of their dreams to Florida. Even early in the story, three of them demonstrate considerable criminal prowess by supplementing their budget through a robbery – but this is only the beginning of an ecstatic trip that is about to take completely unpredictable twists. On this journey, paradise and hell are difficult to tell apart. In the end, this much is clear: nothing is more dangerous than the unbridled energy of adolescent life.

Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Jordan Gertner, Chris Hanley, David Zander
Executive Producers
Agnès B., Vikram Chatwal, Chris Contogouris, Megan Ellison, Ted Field, Jane Holzer, Vince Jolivette, Miles Levy, Stella Schnabel, Fernando Sulichin, Wicks Walker, Aeysha Walsh
Susan Kirr, Mike Weber
Associate Producers
Jonathan Fong, Scott Pierce
Harmony Korine
Harmony Korine
Benoît Debie
Douglas Crise
Aaron Glascock
Cliff Martinez, Skrillex
Production Design
Elliott Hostetter
Laray Mayfield
Principal Cast
James Franco, Serena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens
Production Companies
Muse Productions/O' Salvation/Division Films/Iconoclast/RabbitBandini Productions/Annapurna Pictures/Radar Pictures

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