Das kleine Fernsehspiel präsentiert: STUNDE DES VERBRECHENS und 100 % FRAUEN

In cooperation with ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

DIE STUNDE DES VERBRECHENS provides opportunities for talented young screenwriters and directors to demonstrate their skills in four roughly hour-long thriller projects, which will allow them to fathom established genre classifications on television. 100% FRAUEN is »Das kleine Fernsehspiel‘s« series title for the talent unit‘s current foray into the documentary genre. The line-up comprises eight films by women directors about female lifestyles in today‘s modern society: women who must balance taking care of their children and their jobs, women taking a shot at male roles, or women in the correctional system. This series of documentaries is a unique exploration of the living conditions and perspectives of women today. In an exclusive, invitation-only showcase at Filmhauskino, editors of Das kleine Fernsehspiel will present these new program series and engage in a discussion of the potentials and prospects of such works. Moreover, one film from each of the two series will be screened. A small reception in the foyer will follow the event.