Der Sieger in Dir

Feature Film | DE 2012 | 61' | OV

  • Wednesday, 02. October 2013 16:00 hrs Odonien

Michael leads an ordinary, humble life with his girlfriend Vera. One day, he meets a homeless man whom he recognizes to be his old schoolmate, Niko. He takes him in and gets him an internship at his insurance company. However, traumatic memories resurface when Niko ridicules him at a company party in front of all their fellow employees, while, in his own home, Michael cannot help but realize that Niko and Vera are bonding ever closer. Glimpses at a diary from school days reveal that Niko used to be Michael’s worst nightmare, the guy who bullied and humiliated him. Michael’s attempt to talk it over with his house guest prompts an emotional response and an apology from Niko. After the two of them spend a boozy night together, nothing seems to stand in the way of friendship any longer – still, the old nightmare starts all over again.

In cooperation with ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

Julia Nemetz, Ilona Schultz
Jan Bolender
Jan Bolender
Commissioning Editor
Katharina Dufner (ZDF)
David Rankenhohn
Anna Nekarda
Jonas Gervink
Torsten Többen, Christoph Köpf, Daniel de Homont
Matthias Münster
Production Design
Zora Neumann
Production Manager
Tim Körbelin
Commissioning Editor
Katharina Dufner
Principal Cast
Christoph Tomanek, Janna Striebeck, Felix Knopp, Stephan Schad, Sarah Alles, Lena Liberta, Luca Maric

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