Junge Dokus aus NRW

In cooperation with the WDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln

The YOUNG DOCUMENTARIES FROM NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA section presents filmmakers from the eponymous German state who pursue outstanding documentary film projects. Over the course of three evenings, the Cologne Conference will showcase four productions that are in different stages of completion. While GUERRILLA KÖCHE (Guerrilla Cooks) is already finished and available for a full-length screening, ALLE FÜR KALK (All for Kalk) and WER IST THOMAS MÜLLER? (Who is Thomas Müller?) still remain in post-production. MORE JESUS is currently in the midst of the marketing phase. The filmmaking teams including producers, directors, and protagonists will be present on each of the three evenings. They will talk about the different stages of their undertakings, about obstacles in the way of ambitious documentary projects, and about challenges that still lie ahead for them – in terms of selling, marketing, and completing their documentaries.