Five Star

Feature Film | USA 2014 | 83' | OV

Just around the corner from Brooklyn’s hipster neighbourhoods loom the high-rises of the Walt Whitman projects. This is the domain of Primo, a beefy »Five-Star General« of the Bloods gang. He takes young John under his wing and gives him a job as a drug runner. Out of respect, for John’s father was once a crime lord as powerful as Primo, but then fatally wounded by a stray bullet in a shooting – a story that neither John nor his mother have ever really accepted as the truth. His father’s tragic fate does not stop John from wanting to follow in his footsteps. Keith Miller’s FIVE STAR is one of the best New York movies in recent years. True to reality and teeming with vitality, the film shows life beyond the gentrified tourist districts – normal everyday events, loving relationships, but also the violence. Above all, Miller has found a charismatic protagonist in real gang member James ‘Primo’ Grant who effortlessly carries the movie with his formidable presence.

Keith Miller
Keith Miller
Keith Miller, Daryl Freimark, Luisa Conlon
Executive Producer
Russell Miller
Associate Producers
Alexander Mallis, Ynette Hogue, James Hogue, Mindy Miller, Lee Weinstein
Ed David, Alex Mallis, Eric Phillips-Horst
Keith Miller
Michael Rosen
Principal Cast
James 'Primo' Grant, John Diaz

International Sales

Sheri Levine
Forward Entertainment

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