The Kingdom

Mini-Series | DK, I, D, F, N, S 1994 | 580' | Subtitled German

  • Saturday, 04. October 2014 17:00 hrs Odonien

In the Kingdom Hospital in Copenhagen everything goes topsy-turvy. In the offices a Swedish professor with an intense hate for the Danish tries to cover up his medical malpractice. In the morgue, ghoulish pranks are being played. At the infirmary a simulating patient tries to investigate supernatural phenomena. In the basement a medical assistant that is living down there transforms to a voodoo zombie. In the kitchen two employees with Down Syndrome predict the future to the patients. And in the delivery ward a decade-old satanic curse fulfils itself in a grotesque birth.
Many reviewers consider Lars von Trier’s cult hospital miniseries his most versatile work, maybe even his still defining and unsurpassed masterpiece. The tone veers wildly and unpredictably between sarcastic social satire, Dogma poetics and absurd horror – all of it quite unforgettable. The complete series, all 572 glorious minutes of it, blessed by the master himself in the name of good and evil. His Kingdom will come, and it’s gonna be a very long night.

In Kooperation mit ARTE G.E.I.E.

Lars von Trier
Niels Vørsel, Lars von Trier
Ole Reim, Bo Lindquist
Executive Producers
Peter Aalbӕk Jensen , Svend Abrahamsen, Vibeke Windeløv
Eric Kress
Molly Marlene Stensgard, Jacob Thuesen, Pernille Bech Christensen
Peter Christian Hansen
Kristian EIdnes Andersen, Hans Møller
Production Design
Jette Lehmann, Hans Christian Lindholm
Anneliese Bailey, Bjarne Nilsson
Principal Cast
Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Kirsten Rolffes, Holger Juul Hansen, Søren Pilmark, Ghita Nørby, Jens Okking, Baard Owe, Birgitte Raaberg, Peter Mygind, Vita Jensen, Morten Rotne Leffers, Søren Elung Jensen, Holger Perfort, Udo Kier, Laura Christensen, Ole Boisen, Ruth Junker, Peter Gilsfort