Amour Fou

Feature Film | AT, LUX, DE 2014 | 90' | OV

»Would you care to die with me? You would make me very, very happy,« is the daring question Heinrich von Kleist asks in AMOUR FOU to win over the ladies of the upper classes in early 19th-century Berlin – we might call this his attempt to make a pass at them today. After being rebuffed a number of times, he actually finds a woman who seems to be not entirely averse to the idea: married Henriette Vogel. Is the writer the ultimate romantic, or just the most egocentric artist ever? Jessica Hausner (LOURDES) succeeds in telling AMOUR FOU as an ultra-dry romantic comedy based on real events: behind the impeccable facades of townhouses and the strict rules of etiquette seethes a longing for unconditional passion – and at the same time, society is in turmoil in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Brandishing a satirical scalpel as it tells its story, this film is the counterpart to Dominik Graf’s rousing Schiller love drama BELOVED SISTERS.

Jessica Hausner
Jessica Hausner
Philippe Bober, Martin Gschlacht, Antonin Svoboda
Martin Gschlacht
Karina Ressler
Uve Haußig
Production Design
Katharina Wöppermann
Principal Cast
Birte Schnöink, Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Peter Jordan, Sandra Hüler, Sebastian Hülk, Stephan Grossmann

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10437 Berlin

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