Los Hongos

Feature Film | COL, F, D 2014 | 105' | Subtitled English

Two teenagers, Calvin and Ras, hang out in their derelict Colombian hometown of Cali. The two buddies come from different backgrounds – one from the black slums, the other one from a white bourgeois neighborhood – but they are united in their reaction to a country torn by conflict, their parent’s generation’s political impotence and their own economic hopelessness: They just skip school to paint elaborate graffiti and to daydream, because the only way to escape from a society that slowly turns from disinterested to brutal towards them leads into nature and into their own dreams. This impressive sophomore film by up-and-coming director Oscar Ruiz Navia, who has already won several awards, shows a kaleidoscope of the complex Colombian society from the point-of-view of two sympathetic slackers: sex, music, religion, arts, politics, police, family – everything gets illuminated under their wandering spotlight of attention and exposed as farce by the poetically cool and dreamy-smart gaze of those two youngsters.

Oscar Ruiz Navia
César Augusto Acevedo, Oscar Ruiz Navia
Diana Bustamante, Oscar Ruiz Naiva, Gerrylee Polanko, Guillaume de Seille, Nicoals Avruj, Titus Kreyenberg
Sofia Oggioni Hatty
Felippe Guerrero
Zalama Crew, La Llegada Del Dios Rata, Sebastián Escofet
Anna María Acosta
Principal Cast
Jovan Alexis Marquinez, Calvin Buenaventura, Atala Estrada, Gustavo Ruiz Montoya, María Elvira Solis

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