Feature Film | AUS, KHM 2013 | 90' | Subtitled English

They are the outcasts and the forgotten of the Cambodian society: The desperate sex worker Sovanna is beaten and abused by her pimp, until she manages to escape. Meanwhile, the choleric casual worker Phirun gets despised, provoked and finally fired from his job. Together they are searching for a place in Phnom Penh where they can find some peace and quiet. But their attempted escape is noticed and gets them into grave danger. Only after a crime spree, a desperate killing and an escape into the rural nature of Cambodia can their love blossom.In their already award-winning feature directors Michael Cody and Amiel Courtin-Wilson manage to transfer the typical »lovers on the run« motive into an exotic East Asian context  filmed with a documentary-style directness and relentlessness. In a brutal world of exploitation and dehumanisation they are able to find images full of hope and beauty.

Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Michael Cody
Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Michael Cody
Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Michael Cody
Executive Producers
Nick Batzias, Tony Nagle, Kulikar Sotho
Ari Wegner
Simon Price, Luca Cappelli, Sally Blenheim
Steven Bond
Steve Benwell
Production Design
Leah Popple
Principal Cast
Sanf Malen, Ros Mony

International Sales

Reel Suspects
42, rue René Boulanger
75010 Paris

Selected filmography Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Michael Cody

HAIL (2011)