Bildschirm oder Leinwand – Lösen Serien den Spielfilm ab?

Sunday, Oktober 5 2014, 17.00-18.00 hrs, WDR Funkhaus

In coopeartion with WDR 3

Series with high production values have been the hot commodity on the entertainment market for a number of years now. Regardless whether they are aired on television, distributed on DVDs or via online streaming services – ambitious narrative formats are enthralling audiences around the world. A discussion of the latest series highlights has become par for the course in conversations anywhere, and if you believe the feature pages of the papers, fictional storytelling on television has long eclipsed motion pictures.
In the past, directors, actresses and actors tended to look down on the series business and consider it a lesser cousin of work for the cinema. The big screen was the sole measure of success and artistic reputation. But that was yesterday: today, Academy Award winners find it perfectly natural to work in series, in front of or behind the camera. The audience is pleased, but what does that mean for cinema or for film producers? What kind of programs will we watch tomorrow?

At the start of this year’s Cologne Conference, WDR 3 radio discusses the current state and future of the fictional film business.