Young Doks: Work in Progress

WDR Television, radio station 1LIVE and the Cologne Conference jointly present documentary film projects of up-and-coming filmmakers. Productions in various stages of completion are introduced via work-in-progress talks and short clips from the films. Carolin Genreith’s HAPPY is a very personal look at the generation of her parents, Ümit Uludag’s ULTRASLAN is a film about »ultras« in the soccer scene – predominantly a youth culture phenomenon, and the ongoing transmedial project DEINE ARBEIT, DEIN LEBEN launched in mid-August is inviting contributions from anyone who wants to direct and shoot a clip about their own workday. Each of the three evenings will feature the film teams as well as the commissioning editors. They will talk about the different stages of their work, about obstacles in the way of ambitious documentary projects, and about challenges ahead in the further development, marketing, and completion of their documentaries.
Excerpts from these three one-hour sessions will be edited into a radio feature for the 1LIVE Plan B program on Wednesday, 8 October, at 11:00 PM.