Deine Arbeit, Dein Leben

Transmedia Project | DE 2014 | OV

  • Monday, 06. October 2014 18:00 hrs

Exclusive insights into the world of work on television, radio and the Internet – and everyone is invited to contribute. 20 August, 2014, marked the launch date: broadcaster WDR called upon the population of North Rhine-Westphalia to film their work and upload the videos. Submissions will serve as material for a feature-length movie, a radio play, and a Web special on the subject of work. The project seeks to broadly cover the entire spectrum of work: from shifts at an assembly line, to ordinary, yet indispensable desk jobs, to high-risk occupations such as bomb disposal. Clips may show anything – the morning traffic jam, conversations among colleagues, or exceptional moments such as a first or last day of work, an examination, or a final step towards the completion of a major project. School, training, and academic education are a part of this world as well, as are pro bono activities, work in the household or in the family – and considerations of what it means to have no job. Award-winning filmmaker Luzia Schmid will create a film from the contributions. As with the successful previous project EIN TAG LEBEN IN NRW in 2012, the WDR team again hopes to gather authentic and moving insights into everyday life in North Rhine-Westphalia, this time in the working world of a region traditionally known for its hard-working toilers. The team will present some sample material and talk about the project’s current stage of development.

In Kooperation mit WDR Fernsehen und 1LIVE

Luzia Schmid, Rudi Heinen
Jörg Siepmann
Commissioning Editor
Lena Brochhagen
Concept and Project Coordination
Christiane Hinz, Thomas Kamp