Documentary | DE 2014 | OV

For young director Carolin Genreith, the choice of subjects for her documentary films is a very personal matter. Her 2013 debut film DIE MIT DEM BAUCH TANZEN tells the story of her mother and her mother’s friends who live in a village and decide to take up belly dancing. Her current project HAPPY takes a closer look at her father’s trips to Thailand. Following the split from his wife, he swapped his walking boots for flip-flops and now spends a few weeks vacationing in Thailand every year, sometimes by himself, sometimes joined by friends – all of whom are over 60 and divorced. He and his friends enjoy the best time of their lives there. His daughter is embarrassed by these trips, which are also a subject of gossip in their home village on the Eifel ridge. »Genreith is a sex tourist,« the men say, or: »He’s buying himself a wife now!« Is that so? Is this just about sex tourism? A taboo? Or are these trips really a quest for happiness? Genreith won this year’s ARD Doku Pitch with her idea for another project, GOLDDORF, about asylum seekers in a village in Upper Bavaria. The filmmakers will talk about all three documentary projects.

In cooperation with WDR Fernsehen and 1LIVE

Carolin Genreith
Carolin Genreith
Erik Winker
Stefanie Kosik
Comissioning Editor
Jutta Krug