Documentary | DE 2014 | OV

  • Monday, 06. October 2014 18:00 hrs

For some years now a special and distinctive fan base, the so-called »Ultras«, have made their entrance into German and international football stadiums. Opinions about them vary, but it is certain that they polarize and are hard to ignore, since they have found their place in almost every stadium. The scene seems to be particularly appealing to young supporters for whom the Ultras are an opportunity to express themselves without social constraints and requirements. At the same time, the group’s clear rules and hierarchies provide orientation and affirmation. The focus of the film is on the German arm of the Ultras of Galatasaray Istanbul, one of the most popular clubs of Turkey, whose fan base extends across the world. The film gains exclusive insight into a hermetically sealed-off world that is hardly visible from the outside. Sport here serves as a frame for a portrayal of social circumstances, complications and difficulties that provides an illuminating perspective on German-Turkish relations. The filmmakers will present their project which is currently in it’s financing phase.

In cooperation with WDR Fernsehen and 1LIVE

Ümit Uludag
Ümit Uludag
Erik Winker
Norbert W. Daldrop
Jutta Krug
Kaya Inan