ZDFneo lädt ein zum Get Together Social Factuals: Darüber redet man

  • Thursday, 09. October 2014 19:00 hrs

As every year ZDFneo invites producers and media creative to a get together to discuss the following questions: Is there a fresh, contemporary way to address socially relevant concerns on television? How can you reach young audiences with a new form of programming? How do you proceed on the Net to draw an online reaction related to these issues? ZDFneo’s Social Factuals are a new approach to take on these challenges. Focusing on a current pressing cause, they employ a change of perspective to involve the audience and encourage further debate on the subject. Three issues have thus far featured in Social Factuals: racism, discrimination, and addiction. In 2013, AUF DER FLUCHT was the first production of this kind. It went on to win the German Television Award. The successful follow-up was DER Rassist in uns, an anti-racism workshop broadcast in 2014. This Cologne Conference Get-together will provide a look at the new project AUSGEKOKST – MEIN DROGENTRIP, which was created with actor Rainer Meifert. In addition, this will be a forum for further discussion of new forms of programming, striking ideas and issues that present potential opportunities for future collaborations.

In cooperation with ZDFneo.