The Fall

Mini-Series | UK 2013 | 2x60' | OV

  • Thursday, 30. October 2014 21:00 hrs Odonien

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson comes to Belfast to support the local police in the pursuit of a serial killer. But several problems wait for her in Northern Ireland: her own past, the religious tensions, the intrigues of politics and a social fabric so narrow that almost all characters’ paths sooner or later converge – and the murderer is somewhere among them.
Like in the similarly dark LUTHER series, this BBC five-part mini-series does not hide the culprit’s identity for one second. Instead it evolves a psychological portrait of a policewoman and a murderer as two control freaks we get to watch extensively as they live, love and struggle. This leads to a brutally effective psycho thriller about the abyss underneath the everyday facade, brilliantly interwoven with subplots about sexuality, the press, feminism, and Northern Ireland politics. Gillian Anderson relishes in subverting her status as the Grand Dame of international TV, while Jamie Dornan also delivers a real master class, turning this killer into one of the smartest, coldest and most threatening creatures of recent TV history.

In Cooperation with ZDF

Allan Cubitt
Allan Cubitt, Jakob Verbruggen
Gub Neal, Julian Stevens
Executive Producers
Allan Cubitt, Patrick Irwin, Justin Thomson-Glover, Steven Wright
Ruairi O’Brien
Steve Singleton
Keefus Ciancia, David Holmes
Production Design
Tom Mc Cullagh
Carla Mercer, Nina Gold
Principal Cast
Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, Valene Kane, Séainín Brennan, Colin Morgan, Niamh McGrady, Sarah Beattie

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