Full Contact

Feature Film | NL, HR 2015 | 105‘ | English OV

Ivan is a stone cold killer. As a soldier for the US army he works in a nondescript container in the Ne-vada desert and pilots drones that kill suspected terrorists on the other side of the world. He conducts his private life, no matter if it’s his fling with a friendly stripper or his sessions with a military psychologist, just like his work – from a distance. But when he follows his orders to bomb a school in Pakistan, his closely controlled life spirals towards a chaotic and hypnotic psycho trip. With tightly composed images Dutch author and director David Verbeek journeys into the inner life of his silent protagonist and deliberately leaves questions about vision and reality wide open. The sudden search and final discovery of the »full contact« that Ivan has been denied before is an enigmatic and psychedelic journey that every viewer has to solve on their own.

David Verbeek
Grégoire Colin, Lizzie Brocheré, Slimane Dazi, Alain Blazevic
David Verbeek
Eva Eisenloeffel, Sinisa Juricic, Leontine Peti
Peter Warnier
Production Design
Mario Ivezic
Zorana Meic

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