Feature Film | DE, FR 2016 | 80’ | German OV with English Subs

The refugee crisis was just the beginning: In the near future migrants and poor people are huddled into lawless »transit zones«: dark and desolate ghettos, where they are always waiting for the next brutal raid by the armoured riot police. When the police officer Volt kills a man during one of these altercations, the deed haunts him, disturbs his sleep and leads him straight into the arms of his victim’s sister. Disoriented between his day job as a cop and his night life searching for meaning, Volt has to decide who he really is. In his masterfully stylish Sci-Fi dystopia, director and screenwriter Tarek Ehlail paints a dark picture of violence, neon lights and testosterone. The whole society seems to be reduced to living at night and underground, and the film complements this with brutal editing, brutal music and dark shadows. As the titular tough guy Benno Fürmann shines with impressive intensity and thus refines one of the most atmospheric German genre films of the last few years.

Tarek Ehlail
Benno Fürmann, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Ayo, Anna Bederke, Surho Sugaipov, Denis Moschitto
Tarek Ehlail
Maximilian Leo, Jonas Katzenstein
Mathias Prause
Andrea Mertens
Michael Schlömer

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Boxhagener Str. 106
10245 Berlin