WDR3 Forum: Wir gucken Fernsehen!

Though often pronounced dead already, market research confirms that television still occupies a top position in the media use mix of the German population. The audience likes to watch TV. A slight decline in younger age groups notwithstanding, the overall love for television seems unrelenting: the average German citizen consumes 223 minutes of TV per day.

On the occasion of the Film Festival Cologne, WDR 3 Forum watches television with three accomplished, straight-talking TV creators and critics who will discuss the state of the TV nation. What is persisting? What is coming? What is ending? What is missing?


_ Silke Burmester, freie Journalistin, Hamburg
_ Prof. Dietrich Leder, Publizist, Professor für Fernsehkultur, Köln
_ Dr. Lutz Hachmeister, Publizist und Regisseur, Köln

Host: Sigrid FischerRedaktion: Wolfram Kähler

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