Young Doks: No Man Is an Island

Work in Progress-Discussion

Through stories of the first human migrations and the natural phenomenon of the annual crab migra-tion on beautiful Chritsmas Island, we come to arrive at a darker side of this seemingly idyllic paradise. Hidden in the core of the jungle sits Australia’ s biggest offshore refugee detention center. It was built to not be seen, yet in this film every encounter takes us closer, every direction leads us there. Through the trauma counselor, Poh Lin, we meet refugees who are being indefinitely detained in the detention camp. We hear of the stark reality inside of life inside the camp, one where people are given a number in-stead of a name, are addicted to prescription medication and where there is an inevitable spiral in to madness and self harm. Poh Lin herself begins to struggle with her role as therapist, when she finds she is unable to help the people she is trying to heal. She makes the tough decision to leave the island.

_ Gabrielle Brady (Director)
_ Gizem Acarla (Producer)
_ Julia Niethammer (Line producer)
_ Jutta Krug (Commisioning Editor)

In cooperation with WDR - Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln

Gabrielle Brady
Gizem Acarla, Alexander Wadouh, Alex Kelly
Line Producer
Julia Niethammer
Commissioning Editor
Jutta Krug
Michael Latham
Leonardo Dolgan Vergas Hernandez