TV-Series | FR, ES 2016 | 2x52' (6x52') | OV with English subs

On a night trip across the sea from North Africa to Spain, a boat is hijacked by pirates. The cargo: two tons of marijuana. The injured party is drug lord El Feo, a Moroccan with a penchant for taking a prun-er to uncooperative informants. He suspects that one of his own men committed the robbery: Farid, who has disappeared since the assault. The presumed offender’s next of kin only slowly become aware of the danger they are in. Repercussions of the robbery are felt as far away as a Paris banlieue, where Farid’s nephew Shams makes a living as a small-time dealer. A gripping ARTE mini-series about the international drug trade, told not only from the perspective of the perpetrator, but also from the families’ experience. The series was shot in three languages (French, Spanish, Arabic). It was directed by actress (appearing e.g. in Bertrand Bonello’s HOUSE OF TOLERANCE) and filmmaker Lucie Borleteau. Her feature film Fidelio: ALICES’S ODYSSEY, an award winner at Locarno in 2014, was playing in German cinemas in 2016.

In Cooperation with ARTE G.E.I.E.

Lucie Borleteau
Yasin Houicha, Kate Moran, Jean-Michel Correia, Christophe Paou, Pedro Casablanc
Hamid Hlioua
Hamid Hlioua, Clara Bourreau, Virginie Brac
Gwen Mallauran
Production Design
Francis Guibet (France), Anna Pujol (Spain)
Jean-Luc Audy

International Sales

Lagardère Studios
7 Rue du Dôme
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt