El Marginal

TV-Series | AR 2016 | 2x48' (13x48') | English OV

Former cop Miguel Dimarco finds himself surrounded by police and accused of a double murder. The judge who masterminded all of this sends him undercover to the infamous San Onofre jail in order to infiltrate the gang who kidnapped his daughter. Miguel has to fight his way through the complex social structure of the inmates, find out where the girl is held hostage and stand up to the corrupt wardens –and his only hope of survival is a sleazy lawyer and a shy social worker. This Argentinian thriller series, winner of this year’s Grand Prix at the Séries Mania Festival in Paris, turns on the adrenaline right from the start: A breathless chase sequence throws us right into the heart of the action – the decrepit jail yard. This is where quiet suspense meets sudden violence and relentless social commentary: It’s a constant struggle for survival in a world which is just as rotten outside of the walls as inside.

Alejandro Ciancio, Luis Ortega, Javier Pérez
Principal Cast
Juan Minujín, Martina Gusman, Gerardo Romano , Claudio Rissi
Executive Producers
Gustavo Errico
Sergio Dotta
Pablo Bologna, Bruno Weinstein, Guille Gatti
Production Design
Vanina Martorilli
Celeste Palma

International Sales

Dori Media Group
2 Raul Wallenberg st.
Tel Aviv 6971901