National Treasure

TV-Mini-Series | UK 2016 | 4x60' | English OV

Paul Finchley is a national treasure on British television. He is one half of a comedy duo the nation has been hooked on for decades. One day, that changes abruptly when the police come knocking on his door. A former nanny accuses him of raping her – decades ago. When the case becomes public, more women come forward. Is Finchley a victim of his own popularity, or is there some merit in the accusations after all? The subject matter is a very current issue: for its fictitious case, this gripping Channel 4 mini-series draws on the various sexual abuse court cases and verdicts involving prominent media personalities in recent years – American actor Bill Cosby, BBC presenter Jimmy Saville, Australian entertainer Rolf Harris – and explores whether celebrities enjoy greater protection from prosecution or, on the contrary, are actually more vulnerable to accusations. Robbie Coltrane (HARRY POTTER) shines in the starring role as a burly, but sensitive comedian.

Marc Munden
Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Andrea Riseborough, Babou Ceesay, Trystan Gravelle
Executive Producers
George Faber, George Ormond
Ole Bratt Birkeland
Luke Dunkley

International Sales

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