The Piano

Feature Film | NZ, AU, FR 1993 | 121' | OV with German subs

There are many reasons to love THE PIANO. Some critics heap praise on the stellar performances of an impressive cast, all of whom stretch their craft to the breaking point without ever reaching the realm of over-acting. Others single out DoP Stuart Dryburgh’s delightful images, dripping with damp hazes, thick brushes and sheer life, or Michael Nyman’s intimate score. But maybe THE PIANO’s most singular feature is Campion’s self-assured narration, brilliantly orchestrating a boatload of extraordinary acting talent without her story of a fateful love triangle against the backdrop of British colonial efforts in 19th century New Zealand ever feeling overly pretentious or fraught with abstract assumptions. Nothing less than a classic.

Jane Campion
Jane Campion
Jan Chapman
Executive Producer
Alain Depardieu
Stuart Dryburgh
Veronika Jenet
Michael Nyman
Production Design
Andrew McAlpine
Principal Cast
Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill, Anna Paquin, Kerry Walker, Geneviève Lemon

Domestic Sales

StudioCanal TV GmbH
Neue Promenade 4
10178 Berlin

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