Off The Rails

Off The Rails

Documentary | US, CA 2016 | 86’ | English OV

Darius McCollum’s passion leads him regularly straight into jail. His passion is the public transport: No one knows more about New York’s grid of buses and subway lines than he does. Even as a child there was nothing he would rather do than ride the subway – a safe space for the black teenager suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome and from his classmates’ bullying. This wasn’t a problem until McCollum started impersonating public transport staff – not only ticket inspectors but also drivers. Adam Irving’s deeply moving documentary shows that there can hardly be a more innocent criminal than McCollum – but still he gets sentenced to longer and longer stints in jail. It’s a case that strains the US justice system to its breaking point.

In cooperation with Geo Television

Adam Irving
Tchavdar Georgiev, Adam Irving
Adam Irving, Glen Zipper
Adam Irving
Tchavdar Georgiev
Steve Gernes, Duncan Thum

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