Cologne Conference Futures

Monday, 28. September 2015 | 10.30–17.30 hrs | KHM

»Security, Freedom and online Dynamic«: Sociology and computer science should have started talking some time sooner about the digital transformation. Now they do the talking at Cologne Conference Futures 15. Nowadays everything with an IP-adress seems hackable from parliamentary communications to brand new cars. Who’s controlling these machines? Long ago that question has been added to the classic question of political power. The balance of power between humans, machines and code has changed dramatically. We need a clear revaluation.

Why are we always curious about IT security when it’s too late? At the Cologne Conference Futures 15 four specialists brought us up to date and started that long due debate: the sociologists Armin Nassehi and Frank Helbing and the coders, IT specialists and activists Frank Rieger and Meredith L. Patterson. Which security and which freedom is it that we can expect? On the 28th of September at the Kunsthochule für Medien Köln we took a close look at the cybernetic system.

10.30–11.45 Uhr
Digitalisierung der Gesellschaft oder Digitalisierung in der Gesellschaft? Ein soziologischer Versuch über Formen, Medien und Wissen
Prof. Armin Nassehi

11.45– 12.00 Uhr, Coffee break

12.00–13.15 Uhr
Ferngesteuert oder selbst gesteuert? Perspektiven der digitalen Dynamik
Prof. Dirk Helbing

13.15–14.30 Uhr, Lunch break

14.30–15.45 Uhr
Ambiguity is Insecurity
Meredith L. Patterson

15.45–16.15 Uhr, Coffee break

16.15–17.30 Uhr
Hackerville. Strategien der Störung
Frank Rieger